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Make Them Pay:

A Thriller Anthology

When criminals cross the line, who will make them pay?

From police to vigilantes to secret government organizations, the answer awaits those who think they are beyond the reach of the law-abiding world. They make their own rules.

For that, we must make them pay!

More than twenty thriller authors bring their ‘A’ game with never-before-seen stories, different takes on justice, and maybe that’s the way we want it to be.

Blurb for Temptress --by Fallon Raynes:

When local bars become the hot target for thieves, Detective Reyes is reminded that temptation comes in many forms.

by: Craig Martelle  (Author), M.A. Comley (Author), Ian W. Sainsbury  (Author), M.K. Farrar (Author), Jeff Shelby (Author), G.K. Parks  (Author), 

Michele PW (Author), J.R. Pomerantz  (Author), 

Jack Probyn (Author), John Hindmarsh (Author), 

D.K. Greene (Author), Drew Avera (Author), Douglas Dorow (Author), Stephen Couch (Author), Arleigh Jacobs (Author), N Gray (Author), A. K. Hughey (Author), Fallon Raynes  (Author), Tom Fowler (Author), Jonathan Shipperley (Author), Steve Davison (Author), Kes McDaniel (Author)

22 Action Packed Thrillers of justice.

Dangerous Ledges



*no romance here

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Liza McAllister is newly divorced when she's talked into going on a cruise with her friend Chrissie. Determined to put her crazy ex behind her, Liza throws caution into the wind and indulges on some new clothes and a spacious cabin on the cruise ship. But someone else has other plans.

Ledge McAllister is hell-bent on reclaiming what is rightfully his. His life was turned upside down the day his wife walked out of his home. He will not lose her again. She belongs to him.

What People are Saying:

"Let me just say my mind is BLOWN! 100% blown!" --GoodReads Reviewer Cassie Ashford.

"OH MY HOLY HELL! Fallon Raynes completely blew my mind with Dangerous Ledges!" --GoodReads Reviewer Jennifer Pierson

Coming this fall:

The Applicant

Be careful what you wish for.

Coming in 2022:

The first installment of the Temptress Series

Temptation comes in many forms.