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Please signup for the Book Release ONLY newsletter here.

What to expect from this option:

New Book Release information ONLY.

You will be informed of a new book release, and you can enjoy your clean inbox. 

Please signup for the News and Special Giveaways  newsletter here.

What to expect from this option:

Basically Everything Else! News, new book releases, giveaways, special projects, and more. This is the email that won't be restricted just to a new release by me. This is for those that like more. I do giveaways a few times a year, and I like to share that info. Anyone can follow me on Facebook--where I do most of the giveaways--to be notified there so you won't be left out if you chose the other option. Alas, do not be surprised if your inbox is still clean. I have books to write.

You may also contact me here without signing up for anything. 

Thank you for contacting me. I'll respond as soon as I can.

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