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Missing Someone...

For those of you missing a certain special person in your life you may have to look further than you think. Or maybe not. ;-)

I'm talking about a beloved author of mine who was zapped off a certain site who shall remain nameless. I thought I'd share this blog post so you can get back in touch with her and start following her again. BE SURE TO signup for her newsletter so you NEVER miss her releases.

Readers: Be sure to sign up for ALL your favorite authors because we are not guaranteed we won't go missing too.

Let this be a warning to you authors, this could happen to you. Be sure to have a back up person on your pages, because if you don't you'll lose access. This is unfortunate, but I'm sure this wont' be the last time it happens. You can join us on Discord here this link will expire so find us at Open Book Policy on Discord to join and create your own room to chat with others w/o being cut off.

Thank you! I hope you have a blessed day! <3


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